Haneda⇔Yokohama What is Cruise Access Demonstration Operation?

Smart Cruise Access

Limited Time Offer There is a seating capacity

Travelling in a bit luxury from Haneda Airport to Yokohama Minatomirai by cruise ship! 

There are plenty of “tourism” attractions for a 60-minute travel

  1. You can avoid crowd of people and traffic congestion by sea trip!
  2. Direct 60-minute cruise from Haneda Airport to Yokohama Minatomirai
  3. You can travel with no heavy luggage.(Get back your big luggage at the destination.)
  4. You can enjoy 360-degree view from the cruise ship while relaxing with elegance. You cannot experience from trains or vehicles.
  5. You can catch business and travel information by our free Wi-fi network
  6. You can also try some drink and snacks of Kanagawa Prefecture.

Haneda⇔Yokohama What is Cruise Access Demonstration Operation?

  1. The distance between Haneda Airport and Yokohama Minatomirai is directly accessed by the cruise ship.(You can enjoy the scenery which you cannot experience by land route with no congestion. Also, you can feel relaxing atmosphere there.)
  2. You can leave your luggage at Haneda Airport International Terminal and we will give it to you at the destination.(Luggage Delivery Service is only between Haneda and Yokohama.The place we can deliver your luggage is limited.For further information, please check the websites or ask our staff on that day.)
  3. You can use free shuttle bus from Haneda Airport International Terminal to Haneda Airport Port.
  4. There are several services such as tourism information and free drink service in the cruise ship.
  5. After you get off at Pukari Pier, you can see 'PACIFICO Yokohama' immediately.